3 Reasons to Consider Marble Flooring

home-11When many people are asked if they would like marble flooring in their kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, or other rooms in their house, their first reaction is often, “Why would I spend all that money for something that nobody will notice?”

While marble is very popular right now for countertops, it has fallen out of fashion somewhat for flooring in new construction, even though marble floors continue to be one of the most impressive features in older homes that are 50, 60, or even 75 years old.

The truth is this: If you put marble floors in your home or building, people will definitely notice!

Why Marble Flooring?

The reason to consider marble for flooring is the same reason it is commonly used on countertops: Marble is one of the most impressive looking surface materials in the world.

It can be polished to a bright, smooth, shiny surface, making floors the most noticeable part of practically any room. Polishing marble to a high shine can also bring out flecks and colors within the stone itself, making flooring look dramatic and attention grabbing.

‘Let There Be Light’

In addition to people’s attention, marble also grabs light better than practically any other materials. Why do you think it has been the material of choice among the world’s greatest sculptures?

Marble’s almost magical translucent qualities allow it to brighten any room. Even dark marbles can provide a play of light atop their surfaces that can be breathtaking.

All-Natural All the Time

Marble is a natural material that is literally mined from the Earth itself. So it’s not just environmentally friendly, it’s actually part of the environment itself. What could be more natural than that?

There’s a reason marble has been the material of choice for builders of high-end houses and offices for hundreds of years. It’s got style, class and natural charisma that can’t be beaten by any other flooring material.



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