5 Weird Marble Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

slide5At Love Marble, we work with marble every day. We clean marble, install marble, repair marble, and even polish marble pretty much on a daily basis. You could say we are obsessed with marble!

We genuinely love marble. That’s why we named our business Love Marble. So when it comes to learning more about marble, we are always all ears.

Here are some strange and unusual facts about marble that we have picked up over the years that help us appreciate this luxurious and attractive decorating stone even more.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Marble Metamorphosis

Marble comes from limestone that is naturally put under enormous pressures underground. When exposed to heat and pressure far below the Earth’s surface, marble actually undergoes a metamorphosis, similar to the way an ordinary caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. Or perhaps a better example would be the way carbon is transformed into a diamond.

While limestone is naturally bland and soft — at least compared to other types of stone — the high pressures and enormous heat generated by the Earth’s core presses it into a different, denser, and more beautiful material: Marble.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Brush and Floss Daily

Did you know that some ancient cultures actually used marble to care for their teeth? It’s true.

Cultural anthropologists have discovered that some European cultures would grind marble into a type of glue or paste, which they would then apply to their teeth in order to clean away crumbs, food particles, and other debris.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Marble Really Is Cooler than the Surface Air

Because of its density, marble will actually absorb heat from the atmosphere surrounding it. So while other building materials can get hot to the touch on a sunny day, marble remains cool.

There is so much to learn about marble. Learn to love it as much as we do by installing marble surfaces in your home or office with Love Marble.



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