Caring for Marble and Granite Countertops
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Marble or granite countertops are enormously popular in new home construction today. They also serve as the centerpiece for many kitchen and bathroom renovation projects.

Marble and granite are both beautiful and luxurious. Plus, they often will last longer than your home while increasing its resale value.

Taking proper care of your marble and granite counter tops will not only maintain their beauty, but their value as well.

Marble Restoration NYC – Clean Spills Immediately

The most important way to maintain your marble or granite counter tops is to clean up any spills right away, before they can stain or damage the surface.

While marble and granite are made from durable rock, they can become stained by things like red wine, coffee, or other common kitchen liquids. Cleaning spills immediately will help prevent staining and maintain both the look and value of your surface.

Marble Restoration NYC – Basic Care and Cleaning

Like any kitchen or bathroom surface, marble or granite counter tops should be cleaned regularly.

Use mild cleaning products such as dish liquid or those specifically designed for marble and granite. Spray cleaners onto the surface then wipe with a dry cloth. Avoid using highly acidic cleaning products such as those that include lemon juice because they can cause etching in the marble or granite.

Marble Restoration NYC – Turn to the Professionals

If your marble or granite counter tops should become damaged, they often can be restored to their original condition by professional marble cleaners such as those from Love Marble.

Our experienced, knowledgeable marble and granite experts can clean, maintain, and repair your marble so that it looks better than brand new. The stone care professionals at Love Marble are ready to restore your marble so it can retain both its beauty and value for many years to come.



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