Clean and Seal Your Marble Countertops

20180622 103449 225x300 - Clean and Seal Your Marble CountertopsNow more than ever, cleaning and sealing your marble countertops, floors, and other surfaces is critical to your health.

As the coronavirus crisis continues to play out, Love Marble and other marble companies are getting panicked phone calls and emails from clients wondering if their marble, granite, and other surfaces are safe. And the answer is always the same: They are only as safe as you make them.

But you may be able to make them even safer by giving your marble and other stone surfaces a thorough cleaning, then sealing them so that they don’t absorb germs, bacteria, and, yes, viruses.

Marble Structure

Even though it seems very hard and durable, marble actually is a porous material.

Have you ever seen volcanic rock like the kind that is commonly used as decorations around outdoor shrubs and trees? From a distance, these look very solid. But when you go to actually pick one of these volcanic rocks up you see that they are actually very light and are filled with thousands of tiny holes.

Marble is much denser than volcanic rock, it’s structure is similar. While the holes are much smaller — even microscopic in many cases — they are still there. That’s one of the reasons things like red wine, vinegar, and other highly acidic liquids can stain even the hardest marble countertops or floors.

Sealing Marble

But sealing marble helps create a barrier between the holes inside your marble countertops and other surfaces and the outside atmosphere. So when something is spilled or lands on marble, it cannot penetrate into its interior. Instead, it can simply be wiped away simply and quickly, providing a more antiseptic surface within your home.

If you are worried about the safety of your marble countertops, floors, or other surfaces, consider having Love Marble seal your marble for both protection and safety.

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