Don’t Wait to Make Minor Marble Repairs

27Minor marble problems such as chips, scratches, or small cracks aren’t always a big deal. But it’s usually a good idea to have them repaired sooner rather than later so that they don’t escalate into major problems.

While marble is a hard, durable surface, like anything else it is subject to stress and wear. This is especially true for marble located in high traffic areas, such as public hallways or busy kitchens. The more use marble surfaces with minor damage get, the more likely it is those small problems will grow into big headaches.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Minimize Repair Bills

Another reason to fix small marble issues quickly is to keep your repair bills to a minimum. Buffing out scratches and filling small chips and cracks are relatively minor repairs. But if you have to replace entire sheets of marble or fix much more significant damage, the costs typically escalate accordingly.

Generally, minor damage is much less costly to repair than major problems. So the sooner you have your marble repaired, the less likely it is that your marble problems will grow.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Don’t Wait for Downtime

Some marble owners will postpone minor marble repairs due to business volumes. For example, if a crack forms on marble flooring in a department store during the holiday season, the store owners may want to wait until after the holidays to avoid inconvenience to customers.

The problem is that the holiday season usually is the busiest time of the year for most retailers. That means there is going to be more traffic on the marble surface, which could cause the relatively small crack to expand, or even split the marble sheet altogether. So a repair that probably would have cost a relatively small amount suddenly grows into a major bill for the retailer.

The bottom line is this: With marble, it usually doesn’t pay to wait to make repairs. Don’t let your small problems grow into major issues. Instead, get the repairs you need done right away.



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