Floor-to-Ceiling Marble Decorates President-Elect Trump’s NYC Home
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and in the public domain.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and in the public domain.

Marble has always been used as a luxurious decorative feature in the most exclusive New York City homes.

One of the most famous examples is the Midtown penthouse belonging to real estate tycoon Donald Trump, who was elected president of the United States on Tuesday.

The $100 million penthouse belonging to Trump and his wife, Melania, features floor to ceiling marble walls, floors, and columns. It also has ceilings painted with scenes of classical Greek myths, gold bathroom fixtures, and a front door decorated with gold and diamonds.

Manhattan Marble — President-elect Trump’s Lavish Marble Palace

Located on Fifth Avenue and overlooking Central Park, the decor in Trump’s penthouse on the 66th floor of Trump Tower was inspired by Louis XIV, the “Sun King” of France who ruled from 1643 until 1715 and who was known for his imperious style and aggressive foreign policy.

Like the French monarch, who transformed his father’s modest hunting lodge into Versailles, the world’s largest palace, Trump’s tastes tend toward the elaborate in his marble-decorated home.

Besides its floor-to-ceiling marble walls, Trump’s penthouse also features 24-carat gold accenting, crystal chandeliers, and numerous golden statues of cherubs. In its sitting room, a fountain sits behind one of two crescent-shaped ivory couches.

Manhattan Marble — From the Penthouse to the White House

Could Trump’s preference for marble and other luxury accoutrements follow him to the White House?

While that remains to be seen, his luxurious penthouse apartment has been featured in numerous architectural magazines and remains one of the most famous marble-decorated luxury homes in the US.

Until Trump and his family make the move to the White House in January, the Manhattan domicile will serve as home to the president-elect, along with Melania and their son Barron, 9. With its marble walls, floors, and columns, Trump’s penthouse serves as one of Manhattan’s most popular examples of luxury and wealth.



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