How to Tell If You Need Marble Repair in Manhattan

home-2There is a lot of marble in Manhattan. In fact, there probably is more marble per square foot in the borough of New York City than anywhere else in the  US.

But not all of the marble in Manhattan is in good shape. Much of it originally was installed 50, 75, or even 100 years ago or longer. Marble is durable, but time takes its toll on everything, including one of the hardest decorative stones in the world.

Marble Repair in Manhattan — Signs of Wear and Damage

Over time, marble can become worn. It can lose its luster. Marble can even become damaged.

Signs of wear include pathways that appear where there is the most foot traffic. This is common in public buildings including train stations, subway platforms, and government offices that see hundreds of thousands of visitors per day.

Another sign of wear and tear is that the marble loses its shine. When maintained properly, marble can glisten even after being tread upon all day. But when marble is not cared for properly, it can appear dull, dirty, and diminished in shine.

Marble Repair in Manhattan — Pits and Chips

Another common problem with marble that is either very old or supports a lot of traffic is that it can become pitted and chipped.

Thanks to gravity, things fall onto marble all the time. While objects like smartphones, keys, and briefcases usually don’t do very much damage on their own, when these smaller collisions occur over and over again over years and years, it eventually will take its toll on the marble surface.

Then there are larger accidents that can damage marble. Cracks, dents, and other problems can occur even on tough marble surfaces.

Marble Repair in Manhattan — Love Marble to the Rescue

Regardless of whether your marble is damaged or worn, Love Marble can restore it so that it looks as good as new.

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