Lippage Removal Common on Older Marble Floors

20150901_080927Marble is one of the most durable materials and can last for many years, even decades, even under extreme use. That’s why many of the marble floors installed in the early 20th Century in public spaces such as train stations and banks are still in use today.

While marble is strong and durable, the ground underneath it isn’t always as reliable. Over time, buildings can settle, underground openings can form, and the ground itself can even shift.

Marble Repair Manhattan — The Problem with Lippage

When this happens, your marble flooring can develop a condition known as lippage. This is when shifting surfaces underneath your marble flooring cause panels of the marble to move, creating an uneven surface, or a lip.

Even an extremely small amount of lippage can be dangerous. That’s because people can easily trip and fall on these tiny differences in surface levels, potentially resulting in injury.

You could be held accountable for the injured person’s medical bills. You could potentially face civil litigation, especially if the injured person’s attorney can prove that you knew about the lippage problem and failed to take action.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Repairing Lippage

At Love Marble, we can help eliminate any lippage that has formed on your marble flooring. The first step is to conduct an examination of your marble to see if any lippage is present or is likely to form.

Once lippage has been identified, our highly skilled technicians can get to work flattening and leveling your uneven marble floors, restoring them to their original flatness and eliminating all the dangers.

Because there is such a high liability, lippage removal is one of the most common types of marble restoration that we do at Love Marble.

If you think your floors may be uneven or could become uneven in the near future, contact the expert professionals at Love Marble today so you can avoid a problem before it happens.



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