Marble Lasts Longer than Most Flooring Materials, But Not Forever

20141207_133654[1]If you have ever been fortunate to visit Europe, you probably spent some time in some of the many castles that populate the countryside.

One thing most castles have in common is that they have marble floors. Many of these floors are as old as the buildings themselves, lasting in many instances hundreds of years.

But in the best-maintained castles, these aged floors often look as if they were just installed relatively recently. So how can marble floors that have seen hundreds of years’ worth of traffic look nearly brand new?

It’s easy. These marble floors have been properly and lovingly restored to their original condition.

Marble Restoration NJ — Your Home Is Your Castle

Marble is one of the most durable materials on earth, in part because it originally comes from deep below the earth’s surface. But not even marble lasts forever.

Marble is actually highly susceptible to scratches and other blemishes. It also is, by its nature, porous. So dirt, chemicals, and other materials can easily make their way beneath its surface, weakening marble from within.

To keep your marble looking its best requires restoring it to its original condition.

Marble Restoration NJ — Keeping Your Mable Looking New

In most cases, marble restoration involves grinding the stone where scratches and blemishes have formed. This abrasive process restores the natural shine of the marble, eliminating the need for a topical layer of wax to achieve the desired finish.

The marble is then polished using a succession of diamond pads until the look and feel of the marble is like new, all the while controlling the process so that other areas of your home are not damaged.

To keep your home looking its best, you may need to occasionally restore your marble flooring. Marble restoration can bring your home up to the standards of some of the world’s most famous castles.



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