Marble Polishing NYC – Impressive, Strong, and Stylish

home-2Marble is one of the richest, most luxurious looking decorative stones available today. No wonder it is used in so many corporate centers, building lobbies, and external facades throughout the tri-state region.

Now, marble is increasingly making its way into private homes, covering foyers, countertops and other areas in the fashionable, stylish stone. If you want to make an impressive statement with the way your home looks, turn to marble.

Marble Polishing NYC — Marble Composition Facts

While the use of marble in commercial and residential structures is undergoing something of a renaissance, the stone actually has been a popular decorative component for more than 2,000 years.

Marble is celebrated in Italian, Greek, and other cultures for its beautiful veining, its hypnotic patterns, and its impressive strength.

But did you now that all marble originally started out as simple limestone? It’s true! A combination of extreme pressures, high temperatures, and vast amounts of time combined to cause the limestone to metamorphize into the marble decorating our buildings and homes today.

Marble Polishing NYC — Benefits of Marble

As the crystallization of the limestone structures is being changed by time, temperature, and pressure, foreign materials introduced into the marble is what causes the stone’s distinctive color differences and veins.

Some people who aren’t familiar with the benefits of marble sometimes mistake the stone for granite. But there are significant differences between the two building materials.

While marble originally was limestone, granite is actually formed by molten volcanic magma that is cooled beneath the surface of the earth while being exposed to incredible pressures.  Granite sometimes has veining that is similar to marble, but it actually is the harder and stronger of the two materials.

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