Marble Problems More Visible in Summer

Fotolia 57518871 Subscription Monthly M-199x300If your marble is dirty, chipped, cracked, or in generally poor repair, you may not have noticed it during the overcast months of winter. But summer sunshine illuminates and even magnifies marble problems.

Even though most interior marble is not in direct sunlight, even reflected bright rays of summer sunlight can highlight dirty or broken marble. Problems you may have missed (or ignored) all winter will be inescapable in the bright summer sun.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Spotlight on Marble

Marble is a warm decorative material that typically absorbs the slightest amount of lighting. Then it gently reflects light to provide any interior space with a warm, comfortable glow.

But your marble floors, walls, or decorative elements are dirty, stained, or cracking, sunlight is the enemy of marble. Direct or indirect sunlight will show every flaw in your marble, no matter how minuscule. Issues that were hidden by the low angle of winter sunlight will suddenly be illuminated once summer arrives.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Let the Sun Shine In

That’s why springtime and the first weeks or summer are one of the busiest times of the year for Love Marble. When direct sunlight starts hitting marble floors, walls, countertops and decorations in our customers’ homes and businesses, our phone starts ringing off the hook.

People notice cracks, chips, stains, and other issues with their marble when light shines directly on it. They also can tell when its time to clean their marble after a long winter of heavy use.

If you want to get your marble ready for the blinding glare or summer light, let the marble professionals at Love Marble do what they do best. Our marble technicians can clean, maintain, and even repair your marble so that it looks better than brand new.

Don’t wait. Call today to get started getting your marble ready for summer!



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