Marble Repair vs Replacement
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If your marble flooring, siding, columns or other building features are damaged, cracked, stained, or worn, having it repaired by a professional marble company is often a much more affordable option than a complete replacement.

Replacing a marble floor or countertop can cost exponentially more than simply having repairs made. Plus, thanks to the kind of advanced marble repair techniques used by the marble experts at Love Marble, your refurbished marble surface can end up looking better than brand new.

Segment Problems

Many marble owners believe that replacing a segment of marble that has been damaged will solve their problem. But what often happens is that the new marble segment looks startlingly different than the other, older marble segments. So a larger and larger area needs to be replaced until the entire marble floor or another surface is nearly completely replaced.

Compare that with simply making the needed repairs at a significantly lower cost and the choice is easy. Unlike segment replacement, area repair won’t contrast with older panels. Instead, because it is the same age and has the same amount of wear as the other segments, it will blend in perfectly, enhancing the aesthetics of the marble area.

Save Money, Limit Downtime

Marble repair is not only less expensive than marble replacement. It’s also more convenient.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, replacing a marble floor, countertop, or another marble piece can require the entire area to be taken out of service for days, if not weeks.

Marble repair is not only faster than replacement, but also is focused only on the area that needs to be fixed. This reduces downtime and limits the affected area.

Damaged marble doesn’t always need to be completely replaced. Save time and reduce inconvenience by letting the marble experts at Love Marble make the needed repairs to your marble today.

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