Marble Surfaces and COVID-19

20180221 141220 225x300 - Marble Surfaces and COVID-19As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds throughout the US and worldwide, many homeowners have inquired if there is anything special they need to do to keep their marble surfaces safe to prevent the virus from spreading in their homes.

This highly contagious virus essentially works the same way as other cold and flu germs. It is spread when somebody infected with the virus sneezes or coughs. The particulates from the infected person’s lungs and nasal passages are released into the air and onto any surfaces like countertops or floors.

When somebody who is not infected comes into contact with these particulates — either by breathing them in or touching infected surfaces with their hands and then touching their face, eyes, or mouth — COVID-19 can then start to reproduce in the newly infected person.

Preventing COVID-19

The best prevention is not coming into contact with an infected person. Staying home from work or school for the next couple of weeks, washing your hands frequently, and keeping away from other people until the risk passes reduce your chances of infection.

The coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 9 hours after the particulates fall onto it. But like other germs, it can be killed by wiping down countertops, doorknobs, faucets, and other surfaces with soap and water. For marble, use a non-abrasive soap such as dishwashing liquid diluted with a little water.

Wipe marble surfaces clean and allow to air dry or wipe with a clean, dry dishtowel or paper towel. Avoid using any acidic cleaners that can cause marble countertops to fade or spot.

Staying Safe

The best approach right now is to stay home. If you do go out, maintain social distancing by keeping at least six feet away from other people whenever possible. This will help prevent you from being exposed if an infected person coughs or sneezes near you.

Throw your outer clothing into the washer immediately then wash your hands as soon as possible. Avoid touching marble surfaces or anything else until your hands have been thoroughly cleaned with soap and water.

The protocols for preventing the spread of COVID-19 are inconvenient but necessary. Eventually, the risk of exposure will pass and life will return to normal. Until then, all we can do is keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

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