Own Marble? Put Love Marble on Speed Dial!
20150923 - Own Marble? Put Love Marble on Speed Dial!

If you own or operate a commercial building that features marble flooring, hallways, or other features, it is important that your marble is always in top condition.

Even the slightest stain, fissure, or chipping can not only damage your building’s reputation but also increase the risk of an accident or injury. And that can directly impact your liability.

That’s why commercial buildings with marble features should always keep Love Marble on their speed dial so marble can be properly maintained and so that any issues with marble can be addressed immediately.

Marble Repair Manhattan

Marble is one of the most prestigious building materials used today. It’s found in the commercial buildings with the best addresses — and the highest commercial rents.

So maintaining marble is absolutely critical to your commercial building’s reputation. When tenants, visitors, and others notice that your marble is stained, chipped, or cracked, it will instantly have a negative impact on the perceived value of your building — especially if these problems are not addressed immediately.

The longer you wait, the longer the risk of an accident. If someone were to trip or fall as a result of your damaged marble, the building owner could be found to be negligent. And that could cost a lot of money in lawsuits or settlements, not to mention damage to your reputation.

Due Diligence

But if the building owner consistently addresses marble issues immediately and always strives to keep the building’s luxurious marble in optimal condition, it may show due diligence. And that can work in the building owners’ favor if it were ever to face a lawsuit.

That’s why it’s always important to keep Love Marble on your speed dial. Properly maintaining your marble features and addressing problems immediately can protect your investment in your marble, your building, and your business.


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