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The longer you wait to repair broken or cracked marble, granite, terrazzo tile, or other rock material, the more you can expect to pay. Conversely, the sooner you make repairs, the less expensive they tend to be.

The problem with chips, cracks, and other damage is that it tends to worsen over time. In fact, a tiny crack can develop into a major problem in as little as a few days — especially if it is located in a high traffic area.

Fixing It Fast

The problem is science. Once the molecules in marble become separated in the form of a crack, the remaining marble molecules along the line of that crack naturally want to separate themselves further. So over time, a small crack will naturally become wider, deeper, and longer.

Yet fixing cracks, chips, stains, or other problems in your marble surfaces is a relatively fast and simple process. The knowledgeable and experienced experts at Love Marble can often make long-lasting, durable repairs that can leave your marble looking better than brand new.

Call Early and Often

Putting Love Marble on your speed dial will help keep small problems from becoming worse. We also can maintain and treat your marble surfaces so that they can provide the kind of luxurious, long-lasting usefulness you want.

Whether you have damage to your marble floors, granite countertops, terrazzo patio tiles, or other rock-based surfaces, fix them fast before they get worse. Call Love Marble and schedule your repair today!

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