Repairing Cracks in Marble Should Be Left to the Professionals

58Cracks in marble or granite are probably the most difficult problem to fix. Attempting such a difficult repair on your own can make the problem worse. It can lead to frustration, anger, and possibly permanent damage to your marble surface.

Repairing cracks is something that usually is best left to the professionals, such as those at Love Marble.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Types of Cracks

The severity of the crack in your marble surface will determine the best approach to repairing it. There are several varieties of marble cracks, including hairline cracks, a fissure, a surface separation, and a full-thickness break.

Hairline cracks are the least dangerous. In most cases, if left alone hairline cracks will not worsen or affect the stability of your stone. But they are annoying to look at.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Repairing Larger Cracks

For separated cracks, professional repair is possible. In most cases, the crack can be filled or glued and then the surface of the marble can be refinished and polished to its original condition.

Most of the time, separation crack repairs are practically invisible, depending on the size, depth, length, and location of the crack.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Professional Repairs for Marble Cracks

When separation cracks appear on marble surfaces, it can affect the stability of the stone surrounding the damaged area. Failing to address the problem can make it much worse. And trying to repair it yourself is never a good idea.

At Love Marble, we have the knowledge, experience, and the proper tools and equipment to perform even the worst separation cracks. We can have your marble surface looking better than brand new. And unless you know where to look for it, you probably won’t even know that a repair has been made.

Don’t try to fix cracks in marble and granite surfaces on your own. Some jobs are best left to the professionals … at Love Marble.



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