Taking the Time to Prep the Marble Restoration Area

20150901 080927 e1444581113123 168x300 - Taking the Time to Prep the Marble Restoration AreaIf your marble, terrazzo, or stone floor is worn, stained, pitted, or damaged, restoration can bring it back so that it looks practically brand new.

But restoring a marble or terrazzo floor isn’t as simple as running a buffer or grinder over your floor. In fact, it’s a multi-stage process.

Marble Restoration NYC — Prepping the Room

Before our professional marble restoration technicians even begin the process of treating your floors, they will take the time to prepare the room where the restoration will occur.

Marble restoration can be a dusty, messy process. So steps need to be taken to avoid damage to other areas. For example, any furniture will be removed from the room.

Moldings will be taped over with a 2-inch blue masking tape. The bottom sections of walls also will be covered with paper or plastic to prevent damage and staining.

Marble Restoration NYC — Preparing the Marble Surface

The marble, terrazzo, or stone floor will then be prepped for restoration. This begins simply enough with a thorough dust mopping of the entire floor.

The purpose of this is to remove any sand. If any sand is present, it can create an abrasion that can permanently damage your marble floor.

If there is any kind of floor wax or finish on the surface, this also must be completely removed before the process can begin. The diamond abrasives used to restore marble are designed to cut stone, not remove polymer.

Marble Restoration NYC — Prep Time

Depending on the size of the restoration project, this preparation process could be done a day ahead of time. Or for smaller jobs, it can be completed the same day.

The purpose is to thoroughly prepare the area where the restoration will take place while minimizing the inconvenience to you and the other people who use the area on a regular basis.

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