The Marble Dilemma

When homeowners, builders, or commercial businesses are decorating, they often face a big decision: Should they install marble flooring, countertops, or other features? Or should they go with something cheaper and easier to maintain?

49 - The Marble Dilemma

The choice is simple. Marble adds luxury and value to any property. And cleaning and maintaining it is easy when you leave it to the professionals at Love Marble, the New York region’s leading experts for marble care.

Go Marble or Go Home

Marble is the number one choice among designers of distinctive tastes. That’s because they know marble offers the most luxurious look for homes and businesses alike while simultaneously having the longest usable life with minimal wear and tear.

Marble is used in busy public places such as train stations, government buildings, and other high traffic for a reason: It can essentially last forever. No wonder the ancient builders in Rome and Constantinople used marble. Much of it is still standing today, thousands of years after it originally was installed!

Marble Care Made Easy

The biggest concern about marble is its care. Marble needs to be cleaned and polished regularly to look its best. It also can be difficult to repair if it becomes chipped or cracked.

You can go with a cheaper building material that isn’t as difficult to care for but let’s face it, it’s not going to look as good as marble.

And marble maintenance is not a concern when you let Love Marble care for your marble floors, walls, columns, countertops, and more. Our marble experts have years of experience caring for marble in both public spaces and private homes. So you can rely on our experienced marble technicians to keep your marble always looking its best.

The marble decision is easy: Choose marble and Love Marble at the same time.


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