Things to Consider Before Shopping for Marble Countertops

home-8Shopping for new marble countertops can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of different styles, brands, colors, and other choices to choose from. For many homeowners, a simple decision to upgrade to marble countertops can become very complicated very quickly.

Before you head out to the marble countertop showroom, it’s important that you arm yourself with some critical information that will help make your decision easier.

Marble Repair NYC – Current Kitchen Design and Decor

The first and arguably most important consideration is your current kitchen decor. Do you want to keep your existing shelving, cabinets, fixtures, and appliances? Or are you thinking about renovating your kitchen from top to bottom?

A full kitchen makeover gives you a lot more options when it comes to marble countertops, but it’s also going to be a much bigger project, both in time and money.

Marble Repair NYC – Color, Pattern, and  Texture

While you may not know exactly which type of marble you want for your kitchen, it’s a good idea to have at least a vague idea about such things as color, pattern, and texture.

This can help narrow down your choices from hundreds to dozens and save you many hours of wading through various samples and displays that you would never actually consider for your kitchen.

Marble Repair NYC – Countertop Edges

The type of edges you want for your marble countertops is an important consideration that many homeowners pay little or no attention to until it’s too late.

Do you want rounded edges or squared? Scalloped or edge detail? Thinking about your preferences and how they fit in with your overall kitchen design can help simplify your decision and guide you toward the best choices for you.

Knowing exactly what you want isn’t a precursor to successful marble countertop shopping. Half the fun is considering a variety of options.

But having at least a few big decisions out of the way before you go to the marble countertop store can help make the decision easier, faster, and more cost-effective.



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