Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Marble Surfaces

Marble Restoration in NYCMarble is one of the most durable and attractive materials used today. It is widely used as for flooring in high-traffic areas, wall covering in public buildings, and increasingly as a countertop surface in private kitchens.

While marble is very hard, it is not impenetrable. It still needs to be kept clean and properly maintained. With proper care, marble can last much longer than other materials, sometimes as long as a century or longer.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Pay Attention to Your Marble

Building owners tend to pay attention to their marble surfaces only when there is a problem, such as damage or a stain. But marble requires more care than simply crisis management.

To properly maintain marble surfaces, regular cleaning and polishing should be scheduled. The frequency of these cleanings will depend on the amount of traffic or use the marble gets. Marble floors in train stations or other high-traffic public buildings, for example, may require daily cleaning while marble countertops in private homes may only need to be cleaned once every couple of months.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Address Problems Early

When something does go wrong with marble surfaces, it almost always pays to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Left unaddressed, cracks, chips, or fissures in marble can get larger and deeper. Repairing these types of problems immediately can save time and money later.

Similarly, stains or spills on marble should be cleaned right away so that they don’t spread or get worse. Professional marble cleaners can restore the look of marble surfaces so that they look brand new.

When you need marble repair, cleaning, or maintenance, you can rely on the experts at Love Marble. It’s right there in our name: We genuinely love marble and will work very hard to keep your marble surfaces looking and feeling their best.



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