Top 5 Reasons Marble and Granite Remain So Popular

Trump Penthouse 300x168 - Top 5 Reasons Marble and Granite Remain So PopularIn interior design, trends come and go. What was popular a few years ago can look out of date today.

So why have marble and granite remained popular for decades, if not centuries? The answer may surprise you.

Granite Repair NJ — Natural Beauty

The first and perhaps most obvious reason for the sustained popularity of marble and granite is their natural beauty. Both materials are created naturally inside the earth’s surface, creating a look and feel that is impossible to duplicate in a laboratory.

That can make marble of granite countertops the centerpiece of your home or business.

Granite Repair NJ — Incredible Durability

Granite and marble surfaces last a very, very long time. In fact, they may even last longer than the time you live in your home.

There are marble floors and walls in office buildings from the turn of the 20th Century or earlier that still look as elegant as they did when they were originally installed.

Granite Repair NJ — Ease of Maintenance

When they are sealed properly, granite countertops require very little maintenance and only simple, quick cleaning.

Simply wipe them down with soap and water and they are as good as new.

Granite Repair NJ — Variety of Colors, Patterns, and Styles

One of the most wonderful things about natural marble and granite is that no two pieces are exactly alike. So the marble or granite surfaces you install in your home or business are going to be unique.

Granite Repair NJ — Retains Value

Granite and marble surfaces not only retain their value over time, but they actually can increase the resale value of your home or business. They can be the rare investment that actually pays for itself over time.

There are many great reasons to consider marble or granite countertops, floors, or other surfaces in your home or business. To learn more, ask the experts at Love Marble.

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