Why You Shouldn’t Clean Marble Yourself

slide5A lot of homeowners and some business owners think they don’t have to pay for a professional marble cleaning service. Instead, they try to do marble cleaning and maintenance on their own.

They often live to regret this decision. Marble is one of the most beautiful and luxurious surface materials in the world, which is why it’s used for floors, walls, columns, countertops, and even some of the world’s most famous statues.

But marble is also one of the most temperamental surface materials. It can easily become stained, scratched, or damaged during cleaning, especially if the person cleaning it doesn’t know what they are doing.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Leave Marble Cleaning to the Professionals

If you accidentally damage, stain, or scratch your marble surface during cleaning, it can be a costly mistake. Paying a professional marble service to repair or replace marble is much more expensive than paying for professional cleaning.

There are lots of articles online and elsewhere that claim you can clean and maintain your marble countertops and other surfaces using everyday household items, including such things as vodka or lemon juice. But if you believe what you read on the internet, you may be in for a rude surprise.

Using highly acidic agents to “clean” marble can sometimes cause permanent damage. And good luck collecting the cost of repairing damages caused by these materials from the online writer who posted the article.

Marble Repair Manhattan — A Long-Term Investment in Luxury

Cleaning and maintaining marble is also often a much larger job than most people realize. And once you start, you can’t exactly stop mid-job.

Professional marble cleaners, including those at Love Marble, have the experience, knowledge, and ability to thoroughly clean and maintain your marble so that it always looks its best. Marble is too valuable to leave in the hands of amateurs, no matter how well-intended they may be.

Don’t try to save a few bucks cleaning your marble on your own. Rely on the professionals at Love Marble.



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