What does limestone have to do with marble? Everything!

That’s because marble is actually formed by limestone that recrystallizes after it undergoes incredible pressures caused by geological events.

But limestone itself is also widely used in a variety of architectural applications. It frequently is used as a decorative veneer or trim for walls, floors, and other surfaces.

In addition, given its porosity and softness, limestone also is commonly used as a base material for bearing or structural purposes.

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Limestone Repair NJ — Damage Caused by the Elements

While limestone is by no means weak, over time it can break down. Weathering, in particular, can have a degrading effect on the appearance and structural soundness of limestone.

Things like rain, snow, extreme temperature variations, atmospheric pollutants, and even wind can deteriorate limestone veneers and other surfaces over time.

While limestone is extremely durable, it does absorb water. And because it is a carbonate rock, it is can be highly reactive when exposed to acids — even mildly acidic rain. The most common effect of weathering and erosion on limestone is the loss of precise detail.

Limestone Repair NJ — Staining

Staining also can be a problem with limestone. Oil or grease can be absorbed into the stone upon contact. The depth of the penetration will depend on the viscosity of the substances, the porosity of the limestone, and its dryness.

Many limestone stains are caused by vandalism, but excessive exposure to grease or oil over time also can result in damage to the material’s appearance.

Limestone Repair NJ — Call the Experts at Love Marble

At Love Marble, we are the experts at repairing, cleaning, and maintaining decorative limestone surfaces. We can remove stains, repair damage caused by exposure to weather conditions over time, and restore the look and feel of your limestone to its original condition.

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