Marble Cleaning Frequency Depends on Usage

10895903857003966876 300x157 - Marble Cleaning Frequency Depends on UsageAt Love Marble, our clients frequently ask us how often they need to have their marble professionally cleaned. The answer is usually the same: It depends on how much your marble is used.

Some marble surfaces – such as wall coverings, staircases, or statuary – don’t need to be cleaned very often. In some instances, once per year or even every few years is usually enough as long as the routine maintenance like dusting and polishing is performed according to a regular schedule.

Marble surfaces that get a lot of usage – such as flooring in public spaces, for example – usually require more frequent cleaning like monthly or even weekly.

Marble Cleaning

Professional marble cleaning is different from simple mopping and buffing. At Love Marble, our team of professional, experienced marble cleaners will provide the professional marble cleaning services your marble surfaces need to maintain their brilliant shine and luxurious luster.

Deep cleaning marble may include stripping away layers of built-up dirt and debris and restoring the marble to its original condition so that it looks literally brand new. When we are done cleaning your marble, we will polish it to a high shine so that it gives you the same thrill it did on the day it was installed.

Love Marble

Love Marble is the marble cleaning, maintenance, and repair company that the tri-state region can depend on. Our marble professionals are passionate about marble and they bring that love to your marble surfaces, whether they are in your home, business, public building, outdoor space, or wherever you have marble.

From countertops to staircases, flooring to statues, the professionals at Love Mable give every marble surface the care and love it deserves. If you love your marble, then your marble needs the professionals at Love Marble.

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