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Welcome to Love Marble and Stone Restoration! We specialize in restoring marble and other natural stone surfaces – floors, counter-tops and walls – for commercial, residential and post-construction customers.

Love Marble Stone Care is a family owned and operated business that puts customers first. Our primary goal is your satisfaction. We will walk you through the restoration process so that you understand the services that you are paying for. You can contact us and schedule a time for a professional member of our team to evaluate the condition of your flooring and provide recommendations.

Love Marble

Marble Sealing

Marble is one of the most attractive and durable of all flooring materials, adding luxury and elegance to any interior space. But marble also is susceptible to staining from water, oil-based materials, and other potentially destructive substances.

Marble sealing from Love Marble helps protect your marble flooring, prolonging its life and protecting your investment. Our experienced professional marble technicians are experts at completely sealing your marble flooring, preventing it from becoming damaged or stained from water, oils, paints, cleaning chemicals, and other potentially harmful substances.

Marble Sealing

While marble is a type of stone, it is quite porous. This puts marble flooring at high risk of staining or damage from materials like oil-based materials, chemicals, and even water. Flood damage is one of the most common causes of marble staining.

Marble sealing from Love Marble uses an impregnator sealant to fill the pores in your marble flooring, creating a clear protective barrier that prohibits foreign substances from penetrating the surface. The result is strong, durable marble that stands up to liquids that might otherwise cause permanent staining and other damage to your flooring.

Love Marble has been in the business of protecting marble flooring throughout the Tri-State area for more than a decade. Our team of experienced, professional marble experts have the expertise, equipment, and knowledge to protect your marble and extend its usable life.

Why Protect Your Marble?

Stains can affect marble all at once or slowly over time. A catastrophic event such as flooding or a chemical spill can quickly damage unsealed marble surfaces, diminishing their beauty and luxury and decreasing their value.

Other stains take longer to form but are just as destructive. Poorly maintained flooring, improperly applied cleaning chemicals, and standing water can slowly penetrate marble pores, damaging the material from the inside out.

Marble sealing by Love Marble creates a clear protective barrier to seal your marble against staining and damage while simultaneously protecting your investment in your home or business.

Love Marble

Of all the surfaces in your home or business, floors take the most abuse. From foot traffic to dust and dirt to damage from dropped items or chemicals, your marble flooring needs the protective barrier offered by marble sealing from Love Marble.

Professionally sealed marble floors last longer, look more luxurious, and hold their value over time. Don’t let your investment in your marble flooring go unprotected. Let the professionals from Love Marble use marble sealing to protect, enhance, and increase the beauty and value of your marble floors.

What our customers say about us
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Krista Schiavone
The men transformed my dull 25 year old marble to brand new!! Excellent job and would highly recommend
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Joseph Gauweiler
Coming back to take of the issue Did an excellent job
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Alison O'Neill
Love Marble did an outstanding job cleaning and sealing my marble showers, countertops and floors. Lee was really thorough in his work and very considerate about keeping house clean while he worked. Sal was very helpful with preparing a quote and scheduling as well as overseeing the job overall.
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Patricia Kestler
Lee and his team did an excellent job restoring our floors and bathroom to their original luster. Their professionalism and attention to detail were of the highest order. Their courtesy and cleanliness were remarkable. I would highly recommend Lee and his team for jobs large and small.
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Andrea Zimmerman
Sal and Lee did an AMAZING job on our marble floors at an unbelievable price. Efficient beautiful neat work - my floors never looked so good. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for professional marble refinishing.
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Habib Khan
Lee and his crew were very professional. We had multiple dark chemical stains and some cracks in our marble floor. They finished the job in one day. It looks perfect now. While at it, they polished our powder room floor (for free). I would strongly recommend their services.
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NV Luxe Interiors
Lee and his team provided impeccable service with restoring high-end marble countertops that were heavily scratched and had deep stains in certain areas. His team covered everything so well with plastic and blue tape over all cabinetry, partitions, flooring prior to starting the work. Lee himself also does the work and he makes sure it’s perfect. I’m glad we found his company since we only like to work with the best in the industry. We will be using him for all our residential and commercial projects. Thank you Lee and team!
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Tenyu Boyadjiev
One extremely happy customer writing to say thank you to Love Marble and Lee for an amazing terrazzo floor restoration. We had no idea what treasure we were sitting on in our 1950’s home until our dull and stained entryway floor was brought back to life. What impressed me even more was Lee’s professionalism and the umtos care he took to protect the surrounding area from the wet sanding process. I strongly recommend Love Marble to anyone looking for a peace-of-mind, hassle-free, spa treatment of their stone surfaces.
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Patrice R
Love Marble Restoration did an amazing job on my marble floors that had been through 6 months of construction! They were prompt, thorough and cared for my home as it was their own! I highly recommend them for your project!
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Nicole D
Lee and his team were professional, neat, on time, easy to work with, and did a fabulous job restoring our 100 year old marble flooring!!! We are so happy with the work that was performed and will definitely use again!

Our marble experts can make even the most damaged surfaces look brand new.

Marble Restoration Process

Restoring marble, granite and other flooring varieties can be a multi-faceted, multi-step process. The process can include:

home 12 - Marble Sealing

The cleaning process entails the removal of embedded dirt, wax and other build-up.

home 12 - Marble Sealing

Grinding removes a very thin layer from the stone’s surface to eliminate deep scratches, lippage and other imperfections.

home 12 - Marble Sealing

Honing involves the removal of more minor, superficial scratches and flaws from foot traffic.

home 12 - Marble Sealing

We use state-of-the-art stone polishing equipment and techniques to achieve a satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish.

home 12 - Marble Sealing

The stone flooring is sealed, protecting it from water and oil-based stains

home 12 - Marble Sealing

Foot traffic, along with everyday wear and tear can result in scratches, scuffs and other flaws that dull the shine of your marble floors.