Let Your Marble Shine Again

Professional Marble Polishing Services – New Jersey

Even if your marble surfaces haven’t been polished or maintained for months, years or even decades, our experts have the experience, knowledge, and tools to restore the look and feel of your marble so that it looks better than brand new.

For tough jobs, we often use diamond impregnated pads that are highly effective in bringing out the shine of marble that has been ignored or mistreated over time. We can make even the most damaged floors or surfaces look like they were just installed.

Restore the natural beauty & shine of your marble

We use state-of-the-art equipment to achieve satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish of all of marble surfaces, including floors, walls, countertops, tables, and more.

Our marble experts can remove cracks and chips, eliminate stains, and restore the look of your marble so that it looks better than brand new.

Marble surfaces that aren’t properly maintained can develop a dull, non-reflective look that inhibits the natural stone’s impressive reflective elegance.

Our marble experts can restore the shine of your marble surfaces using a variety of safe yet effective polishing powders including oxalic and aluminum acids that can return your marble’s natural shine to its original reflectiveness.

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What our customers say about us
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Elizabeth Raia
Lee and his crew were outstanding. Lee will always go the extra mile to make sure the restoration is perfect. The crew is equally as wonderful. They were respectful, reliable, on time and certainly know their skill. My marble and travertine look new. Also, Sal who does the estimates and invoicing is great as well. I have used several stone companies but, Lee is the best.
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Steve Ondish
Great job my floors look like polished glass. They were courteous, clean, efficient and professional.
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Lee is a pleasure to work with. He fit us in on a weekend to accommodate our schedule and worked quickly, quietly and cleanly. They place floor coverings down wherever they may walk, plastic protection on all nearby surfaces, and left it cleaner than when they arrived. The work itself was impressive and left the bathroom floor looking brand new. The kitchen counters never looked better and he restored a concrete table that’s only other hope was the dumps. Thank you Lee! We love “Love Marble”
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martin elphick
If you’re looking for quality professional work, these are the people to call. Trust me. I’ve dealt with many others that were below average. I won’t use anybody else from now on.
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Whitney R
Lee and his team arrived promptly and got to work immediately. They did a FANTASTIC job polishing and sealing my kitchen counters. They were in such bad shape and they look brand new now. They did not make any mess - it was like they were never there after they left. I highly recommend Love Marble Restoration!
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Joyce Baldinucci
Lee did an incredible job transforming my kitchen counters into a gleaming masterpiece. Excellent, meticulous work and extremely professional and pleasant - I highly recommend!
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Heidi Morton
Lee and his team did such a wonderful job on our master bath marble floor, counter, and shower that I had them back the next week to polish two downstairs marble bathrooms and polish the kitchen granite counters. Everything is sparkly and shiny! Highly recommend!
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Frank Sanz
What a great job. The entire process was friendly and professional. They made my beat up kitchen and bathroom floors look like NEW!!!! They did it for much less than any competing quote I received. I will be adding photos soon! Wish I had before pics because the floors were terrible.
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Tom Taillon
Lee and his team just left and the work is amazing. I didn’t think my old marble floors were able to look as good as they turned out. The entire process from sale to service was very professional with no pressure. We are super happy to have found Love Marble Restoration and highly recommend them. The picture is NOT of a wet floor. That is the dry finished polish!
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Angela C
Lee and his worker did a beautiful job on my countertop that nobody else could do. It looks better than the day it was installed. I would recommend him with the upmost regard.