If you have ever been involved with a new construction or extensive renovation project, you may already be familiar with the term “punch list”.

For those not familiar, no it doesn’t mean the list of contractors or tradesmen you want to beat up! Instead, a punch list is a list of issues, problems, and other final details that need to be completed for the contractor is done with the project.

A typical punch list may have dozens of items on it, including things like touching up spots on painted walls or ceilings, tightening up electrical sockets, or taking care of exposed wiring.

Marble Cleaning NJ 300x114 - What's On Your 'Punch List'? Marble Restoration NYC — Completing the Punch List

A punch list typically is compiled by doing a “walk around” either with the contractor or on your own. Using a clipboard and pen, as well as a smartphone camera, the client makes a list of every tiny detail they would like to see corrected or finished prior to the contractor leaving the job site.

Generally, the punch list is composed of a bunch of tiny little things after most of the work has been completed, rather than big problems or mistakes which are addressed during the course of the project.

Traditionally, the client does not sign off on final payment to the construction company or contractor until every item on the punch list has been completed.

Marble Restoration NYC — Working with the Client

Punch lists usually aren’t points of contention between the client and the contractor. For example, at Love Marble we want our clients to be 100% satisfied with the quality of the marble restoration or marble cleaning work we provide. So we are more than happy to address the issues on any punch list presented by our clients.

A punch list helps keep the client and the contractor on the same page so that the job gets done right the first time.