Marble Install 1024x682 - Soapstone Restoration NYCSoapstone is becoming increasingly popular as a decorative material for homes, businesses, and even public spaces. But is it really made out of soap?

No. Soapstone is another name for steatite, a type of foliated metamorphic rock that is similar to slate and serpentine in character.

The term “metamorphic” may sound ominous, but it actually just means a type of rock that has been altered by heat or pressure to become something else. This process can sometimes take millions of years.

Soapstone Restoration NYC — Home and Commercial Uses

While lower quality soapstone is typically mined for its talc content, soapstone that has a unique, close-grained structure is becoming increasingly popular as a decorative or surface material.

Soapstone typically has white quartz veins and the occasional soft talc veining in it, which is what makes it so appealing as a decorative or surface material for homes and businesses.

Soapstone not only looks attractive, but it is also heat resistant. When used as a material for kitchen counters, soapstone allows you to take a pan right from the stove or oven and put it directly on your soapstone countertop and there will be no damage.

Soapstone Restoration NYC — Repair and Restoration

While soapstone is durable and heat-resistant, over time it can become scratched or damaged. At Love Marble, we specialize in repairing, maintaining, and restoring soapstone surfaces in homes and businesses throughout the New York City area.

Love Marble can also seal and treat new and old soapstone surfaces so that they maintain their color and prolong their attractiveness.

If you have soapstone flooring, counters, decorative elements, or other surfaces in your home or business, call the experts at Love Marble to keep your soapstone looking its best.

We’re the soapstone professionals with experience, knowledge, and passion for repairing, cleaning, and maintaining all of the soapstone, slate, serpentine, marble and other materials in your home or business.