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TV shows that feature home improvements, renovations, and even restorations have become hugely popular in recent years. Not that long ago there was one, “This Old House”. But today there are literally dozens, even hundreds. In fact, there are multiple TV networks – including Magnolia, HGTV, and others – that feature only home improvement shows.

The upshot of this is that many people who have been inspired by these shows are buying up distressed or outdated properties, updating them, and reselling them for a profit. Flipping homes has become big business.

Discovering Marble

At Love Marble, we’ve noticed an increasing number of calls from people who are rehabbing a home and have discovered marble flooring, wall coverings, countertops, or features that need to be restored. Marble restoration is a highly technical skill that usually requires specialized tools, chemicals, and knowledge.

If you make one small mistake, the costly marble feature that could serve as the centerpiece of your home improvement project can become ruined. And if you are planning on flipping the property, the value can instantly drop. That’s why marble restoration is best left to professionals.

Love Marble

At Love Marble, we love getting those kinds of calls because we almost always have the solutions the home renovators in the tri-state area need. We can restore marble that has been neglected for years, even decades so that it looks better than brand new. And it’s often more affordable than you think.

If you have discovered a marble floor, countertop, or other feature that is in bad shape right now, don’t worry. Our team of experienced, professional marble restoration experts can transform it so that it adds value, beauty, and luxury to the property you are rehabbing.

And who knows? Maybe will find yourself starring in a home renovation show of your own one day!

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