New Marble Installation

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If you have a new marble floor, countertop, stairs, or other feature in your home or business, it must be installed by people who know what they are doing. The slightest mistake during new marble installation can affect the longevity of your marble showcase. Repairing or replacing marble features is expensive and time-consuming.

Even though marble is made of rock and appears durable, during the time between when it is mined, refined, and installed, it is actually quite delicate. Marble needs to be handled with extreme care until it is put into its final place. Only when it is installed, secured, and treated is it actually relatively durable.

New Marble Installation

Marble typically comes in large, inflexible sheets. These fragile sheets must be handled with care and secured during transport from the warehouse to the job site. The slightest mistake — such as a sharp turn or careless handling — can result in the entire piece being ruined. While it’s possible to repair small impurities in marble, you can’t easily fix huge cracks or fissures.

Until your marble is installed, it’s precious cargo. Using a careless or inexperienced installation company can have tragic results both for your marble and your pocketbook.

Love Marble

At Love Marble, we have more than a decade’s worth of experience handling, installing, and caring for marble used in both residential and commercial projects. We have a proven track record of success transporting and placing marble perfectly. We literally give you white glove service when handling your marble to ensure your marble floor, countertop or other features are safe, clean, and perfectly placed.

If you have a new marble installation, don’t take chances. Choosing the wrong company can have costly consequences. Trust the professionals who know what they are doing. Choose Love Marble for all of your marble installation, cleaning, and maintenance needs.

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