Benefits of Concrete Flooring for Warehouses and Docks

LoConcrete 1024x682 - Benefits of Concrete Flooring for Warehouses and Docksve Marble is one of the leading marble repair NYC businesses. But we do more than just repair, install and maintain marble, terrazzo, and other luxury stone surfaces.

We also do a lot of concrete work, both for homes and businesses. And today we’d like to talk about the benefits of concrete flooring for industrial facilities, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, docks and distribution centers.

 When Marble Isn’t Practical

If money were no object, marble might actually be the ideal material for flooring in industrial settings. But the reality is that it’s prohibitively expensive.

Concrete is not. Plus, concrete offers many of the benefits of marble — strength, longevity, a smooth surface, low-maintenance, and more — without the high cost

Business – Concrete Safety

One of the biggest reasons many businesses choose to go with concrete over other options such as tile or stone for their flooring is its safety benefits.

Concrete won’t easily chip, crack, split or divide. Built-in seams help concrete expand and contract with heat and cold, respectively, without compromising the integrity of the surface.

That means there is a lower risk of workers tripping and falling or vehicles such as forklifts of other materials handling equipment becoming damaged or even tipping as a result of an unsafe floor surface.

 Easy, Efficient Installation

Another benefit of concrete for industrial settings is its ease of installation. Concrete floors don’t take weeks to pour. In many cases, depending on the size and complexity of the job, concrete can be poured in just a few hours.

And concrete doesn’t take long to set, either. That means that the impact on your business’s productivity is minimized.

Plus, under normal wear, most concrete floors can last many years — even decades — before they require repair or replacement.

So for your warehouse, dock, or other industrial areas, don’t go with marble. Choose concrete.

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