Ignore Your Marble at Your Own Peril

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Because marble is a type of rock, it can last for a long time without any care or maintenance at all without showing any type of wear, dirt build-up, or damage, right? Wrong!

Yes, marble is a rock that is mined from the ground. But it actually is one of the softer types of rock. And without regular maintenance and continual care, it will quickly start to deteriorate. And there’s one more thing: Marble typically is quite expensive. So when you ignore your marble and let its care and maintenance lapse, it can be more costly than simply taking care of it.

Caring for Marble

The problem is most businesses put marble flooring, wall coverings, countertops, and other features in high-traffic areas. Because it is a costly and glamorous decorative material, there’s no benefit to hiding it or installing it somewhere that it won’t be seen. The whole point of spending money on marble is to show off how successful and reliable your business is.

Because it’s usually in busy spaces, most marble takes a lot of wear and tear. So maintenance, care, and even repair are more critical than most other floorings, countertops, or other decorative surface materials. If you ignore your marble or don’t give it the care and attention it requires, it can quickly become stained, worn, chipped, or cracked.

The Marble Professionals

During the past 15 to 18 months or so, a lot of businesses cancelled or postponed their marble care. That’s understandable because the pandemic kept most people home. But now that the global COVID-19 crisis is winding down, it’s time to reschedule your marble maintenance and service appointments with Love Marble.

Marble is beautiful but also can be tempermental. Don’t risk your investment by not paying attention to your marble. Let Love Marble clean, maintain, and restore your marble to its original luster.

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