Marble in the Bathroom Is Next Level

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In luxury homes today, marble kitchen countertops are practically essential. But to truly distinguish your home to next-level greatness, consider adding marble to your bathroom as well.

Marble bathtubs, bathroom counters, and even floors and walls bring the luxury quotient of your to legend level. Bathroom marble is luxury on steroids.

Legendary Luxury

Marble bathrooms are the kind of design features in the homes of billionaires, international celebrities, and presidential palaces. Think Park Avenue and Westchester County. But who says you can’t have that same kind of luxury in your home?

Love Marble can make it happen. We have installed marble bathtubs and other bathroom features in a number of private homes in some of the most exclusive areas of the tri-state region, including many of the area’s most famous residents.

But now you can attain that same level of status and luxury by letting us include marble features in your home’s bathroom design as well. All it takes is a little imagination, some bold initiative, and a single phone call to Love Marble, the local marble installation and care experts.

Marble Bathrooms for All

Your home will be distinctive and glamorous when you include marble in your bathroom construction or renovation plans. In addition to including marble countertops in your kitchen, you can aspire to next-level luxury with marble bathtubs, sinks, floors, and even walls in your home’s master bathroom.

Marble is the most luxurious building material of all. For thousands of years, it has been the distinguishing feature of luxury homes, businesses, and public buildings all over the world. And now – thanks to Love Marble installing marble fixtures in your home’s bathroom — you can include your home on that prestigious list.

Why think small when you can plan big? Reach for the stars with all-marble bathroom fixtures from Love Marble.

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