Top Tips for Caring for Your Marble Surfaces from the Experts at Love Marble

For hundreds of years, marble has been one of the most popular materials for flooring, kitchen countertops, and showpiece slabs. That’s because marble is beautiful, durable, and elegant.

While marble is a stone, it’s actually softer than other stone materials such as granite, tile or even concrete. So marble is more prone to chipping, staining, and chemical etching. As a result, marble requires more maintenance and care than other materials.

Still, with proper care and a few simple precautions, you can extend the life of your elegant, luxurious marble surfaces for many years to come. Here are some top tips from the marble experts at Love Marble to preserving and maintaining your marble surfaces.

58 - Top Tips for Caring for Your Marble Surfaces from the Experts at Love MarbleClean Your Marble Regularly

Marble surfaces can become dull, scratched or tarnished when there is a buildup of dust, sand, and other impurities. To keep your marble surfaces shiny, they need to be wiped clean regularly.

Use a soft cloth dipped in warm water to remove debris from the surface of your marble. Make sure you never use any acidic solution to clean your marble, especially vinegar.

Don’t  Spill in the First Place

Marble can be stained by spilled liquids, especially those that are acidic such as wine, fruit juices, and some soda pops. The best way to avoid staining is to not spill fluids on your marble in the first place.

Discourage children and others from leaving glasses of juices and other liquids on your marble countertops. Require the use of coasters to help protect your marble surfaces from coming into contact with potentially damaging liquids.

Luxurious – Routine Maintenance

The best way to keep your marble floors, walls, countertops, tables and other surfaces in optimal condition is to perform routine maintenance, such as regular polishing and cleaning.

Love Marble can keep your marble looking brand new. Plus, our marble experts can repair and preserve the look and feel of your marble so that it maintains its luxurious elegance for many years to come.

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