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Welcome to Love Marble and Stone Restoration. We specialize in restoring marble, granite and other natural stone surfaces - floors, countertops and walls - for commercial, residential and post-construction customers.

Granite Polishing, Cleaning and Refinishing

Marble Polishing, Cleaning and Refinishing

Limestone Polishing, Cleaning and Refinishing

Terrazzo Polishing, Cleaning and Refinishing

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We will restore, repair and polish the stone surface of floors, bathrooms, lobbies,
foyers, table tops, vanity tops, counter tops, residential and commercial.

Beautifully Restore Your Marble Floor We specialize in Marble and Natural Stone floor restoration. We help to Polish out your Marble floors true rich natural grain, call today for a FREE Quote from a Qualified Expert. We specialize at bringing out the brilliant shine your floors once had, we can make them dazzle once again. You, your friends and family will be amazed at the transformation from your current dull dingy marble floors to a beautifully restored better than new appearance. If your marble floors weren't professionally diamond-polished after installation, then you've never actually seen your floor's true natural glow; we can correct that.


Marble Scratch and Stain Removal As the years go by, many fine marble floors become accidentally scratched and stained. Love Marble and Stone Restoration uses the most modern equipment that can undo years of these accidental mistakes; we can make the bad things go away. Most scratches and stains are completely removed--even the very dirty ones you thought could never come out. With our special marble restoration process, having your marble floors restored today is more affordable than ever. Let our experts fix the damage, no one will ever know.

Bring Out Your Marble Floors Inner Beauty The first thing people notice when entering a home is the floor, if your marble floor is graying from dirt and exposure to the elements, it's time to bring back the beautiful look of your floors natural marble brilliance. We're the most affordable local marble floor restoration and polishing service; call for a FREE Quote from a Qualified Expert.

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Marble in your home or business can be professionally restored to it's natural beauty.



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