Why Do We Love Marble So Much?

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At Love Marble, we have been installing, repairing, and cleaning marble for more than 20 years. Our passion for this classic building material is apparent even in our name. So why do we love marble so much?

The answer is simple: Marble is the most luxurious, resilient, and timeless of all the building materials. It has been around forever. And odds are homeowners and businesses will continue to include it in their structures for many decades to come.

Timeless Marble

The use of marble in buildings and public spaces goes back practically to the beginning of permanent structures. The ancient Greeks were some of the first documented users of marble for their palaces, oracles, and temples. And as a testament to the durability of marble, many of these structures are still standing today, nearly 2,500 years later.

The Romans were another big believer in using marble in their public buildings. Marble can be found in ancient ruins throughout the Eternal City as well as other early empire architecture. Like the Greeks, the Romans knew that marble would last for centuries while retaining its classical look and prestigious luxury.

Love Marble

At Love Marble, our passion for marble countertops, flooring, and as a feature in residential, commercial, and institutional buildings is grounded in this long and storied history. When we work with marble, we feel as if we a part of a long and proud tradition that dates back to ancient times and even beyond.

We also know that the marble we install in your home or business today likely will look just as amazing and exclusive 100 years from now. That makes marble one of the best investments in the long-term value of your property.

So why do we love marble so much? The answer is written right there on the stunning stone surface itself.

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