Caring for Marble Floors Between Cleanings

van hd 300x158 - Caring for Marble Floors Between CleaningsThe marble care professionals at Love Marble can thoroughly clean, polish, and even repair your marble flooring so that it looks better than brand new. But between cleanings, certain daily tasks are essential to keeping your marble properly maintained.

Sweeping to remove sand and dirt is essential every day. If left on the surface of your marble flooring, these tiny particles can scratch the surface. And over time, your marble flooring will begin to lose its lustre and perhaps even become permanently damaged.

General Marble Care

In addition to sweeping, marble floors should be mopped every day with warm water and a cleaning solution designed especially for marble. Harsh general cleaners can etch or stain the soft stone surface of marble. So look for a pH-neutral cleaner.

After mopping, dry the floor with a soft, clean rag or towel or a dry mop. This helps alleviate the risk of water spotting and also helps prevent slip and fall accidents.

For annual care, call the professionals at Love Marble. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable marble technicians can restore your marble regardless of its current condition. We also can seal your marble flooring to keep it shiny and protected all year round.

Love Marble

And if there is any damage to your marble, call Love Marble right away so we can repair it before it gets any worse. The longer you wait, the more danger your marble is in. A minor issue can quickly escalate into a major repair if it isn’t addressed right away by marble experts.

Caring for your marble is a full-time job. It takes a team effort. Your facilities task can take care of the everyday tasks like sweeping, mopping, and drying. Our marble technicians at Love Marble can handle the annual care as well as the repair and maintenance.

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