‘Do I Need to Seal My Marble?’

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One question marble owners often ask the experts at Love Marble is, “Do I need to get marble sealing for the marble surfaces in my home or business?” The answer depends on a number of different factors, including where the marble is located, how it is used, and what risk factors there are for staining.

Marble sealing is a process in which the pores in the marble are filled with a sealant that helps prevent potentially staining substances from being absorbed into the rock. Love Marble offers marble sealing for clients with marble that is susceptible to staining due to its location, use, or high-risk factors.

Marble Sealing

So not all marble needs to be stained. For example, if marble is used for decorative purposes — such as on the supports for a stairway, as detail on walls or decorations, or other low-contact places — it probably doesn’t need to be sealed because the risk of it becoming stained is very low.

But marble is used for things like flooring, countertops, or other surfaces that get a lot of contact or are prone to spilling or staining, marble sealing is highly recommended.

Protect Your Investment

While marble is nominally a very hard surface, it actually is relatively soft when compared to other types of rock. It also is porous, which means it contains millions of tiny pores that can absorb things like dirt, grime, and stainable substances like red wine or animal blood.

So marble floors, countertops, and other high-use/high-contact surfaces are very good candidates for marble sealing. The protective coat applied by the professionals at Love Marble can create a barrier between the marble surface and potential dangers, protecting your investment while prolonging the luster and shine of your marble surfaces.

Love Marble offers marble sealing and other services that protect, preserve, and improve the look and feel of your marble.

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