Marble Grinding Sometimes Necessary

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Sometimes we encounter a marble surface that is in such bad repair that the solution is to simply grind down the surface layer to expose the cleaner, flatter marble below. This type of marble repair doesn’t occur very often, but it’s sometimes necessary in extreme cases.

For example, marble flooring in high-traffic areas can develop wear patterns over time. Imagine a train station of a public building where thousands of people walk across a marble floor every hour. Now multiply that by hundreds of days per year over a period lasting decades.

Marble Solutions

Like rocks in a river, even hard marble eventually will wear away. And when those wear patterns become obvious and even potentially dangerous to the people using the marble, sometimes extreme steps need to be taken.

Grinding down marble exposes the rock underneath. The marble is then smoothed perfectly flat, polished, and restored to the way it looked when it originally was installed possibly decades earlier.

Marble grinding can restore luster and appeal while eliminating wear patterns, chips, cracks, and stains. In some instances, only a portion of the affected marble will be ground down. In others, the entire surface will undergo marble grinding.

Love Your Marble

Many marble repair companies won’t deal with marble grinding because it’s a big job, requires specialized equipment, and sometimes can go wrong, causing more damage than the original wear. But at Love Marble, we are experienced at marble grinding and other major and minor marble repairs.

We provide marble grinding services not only for clients in the tri-state area but throughout the United States. When marble owners need the big guns, they call the marble grinding experts at Love Marble.

When your marble is in bad shape, there’s only one place to call: Love Marble has the marble grinding solutions you need for when you require major repairs.

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