Marble Replacement Made Easy with Love Marble

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Besides being attractive and decorative, marble is one of the most durable building materials you can use in your home or business. Marble flooring and fixtures installed in high-traffic places like public buildings or train stations are still being used decades after it was originally put in place.

But even marble can start to show signs of wear and fatigue. When your marble starts to show wear patterns, becomes stained, or gets chipped or cracked, it may be time to consider replacement. The problem, however, is sourcing new marble that looks and feels exactly like the old marble you want to replace. That’s where Love Marble can help.

Marble Replacement

Marble replacement typically isn’t the first step when you have damaged or stained marble. At Love Marble, our professional marble technicians can inspect your marble and determine if it can be repaired for less money than it would cost to replace it.

Or we can tell you if it’s possible to replace only a portion of your marble rather than the whole piece. This can often lead to cost savings with no effect on the way the marble looks or feels. Yet in some instances, marble replacement is the best option.

Love Marble

Because we work almost exclusively with marble and have served the tri-state region for more than a decade, Love Marble has contacts with the biggest and most popular marble suppliers worldwide. We source our marble everywhere from as close as upstate and New England to as far away as Italy and Greece.

So when you need to match an exact color, pattern, or shape of marble for your replacement project, odds are we can find the material you need faster than anybody. Plus, we can remove your existing marble and replace it with your new marble. We’re a full-service marble replacement provider!

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