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Marble is one of the most luxurious surface materials for homes, businesses, and installations. But it requires special handling, especially during installation.

When you use marble for your countertop, wall covering, flooring, or other surfaces, it requires more reinforcement than materials like wood, Formica, laminate, or even granite. That’s because as a dense stone, it weighs more. And that additional weight may be too much for standard bracing found in cabinets, floors, and other areas that will be supporting your marble.

That’s why professional and experienced marble installers, like the ones found at Love Marble, are essential to the look, stability, and safety o your marble.

Too Much Weight

Marble installation is usually assigned to a contractor who frequently works with marble because of the specialized care the material requires. In addition to making sure there is enough bracing to support your marble, Love Marble also has the expertise, tools and equipment, and knowledge to make sure your marble stays safe and pristine before, during, and after installation.

While marble is durable, it can easily become chipped, cracked, or splintered during transport and installation. Even the smallest flaw can make your marble unusable. So Love Marble uses specialized care and equipment while handing your marble from start to finish.

Love Marble

When it comes to marble, you don’t want to take chances with an inexperienced or careless installer. Love Marble works exclusively with marble. So we have a deep understanding of the way it needs to be handled, supported, and maintained.

Throughout the tri-state region, homeowners and businesses relied on Love Marble for all their marble installation and care needs. Our team of experienced professionals can ensure your marble looks luxurious, impressive, and flawless in your home, business, or public building. You can count on the marble professionals at Love Marble for all your marble installation needs.

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