Protect Your Investment with Professional Marble Cleaning

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When businesses list their assets, they typically don’t put flooring at the top of the list. Or even in the Top 10. Yet marble flooring in corporate centers, retail stores, and other business locations is a valuable asset that adds luxury and dignity to any property.

Marble flooring can easily lose its value as a company asset if it is improperly cleaned, maintained, or left ignored altogether. In high-traffic areas like building lobbies or public spaces, daily cleaning is recommended. Professional cleaning by marble experts who are experienced in dealing with marble will help protect your business’s investment.

Marble Cleaning

Sand and dirt are the enemy of marble. They scratch the surface of the stone and can cause long-term damage if not removed quickly and frequently. Sweeping of marble flooring is essential, especially in cold-weather climates where people are likely to be tracking in salt as well as dirt and other debris.

Spills should be cleaned up immediately before they get a chance to seep in and stain the marble. Professional cleaning at least once per month by experienced marble technicians like those at Love Marble is highly recommended. Our team of knowledgeable marble experts can treat and protect your marble so that it holds onto its value for years or even decades to come.

Love Marble

Love Marble has been helping businesses throughout the tri-state region protect and prolong the life of their marble flooring and other surfaces for more than a decade. Companies rely on Love Marble to keep their marble clean, shiny, and protected.

We will professionally clean your marble and can even restore dull and listless marble flooring so that it looks better than brand new.

If you have invested in marble flooring in business lobbies, hallways, and other spaces, protect it with the help of Love Marble.

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