Attempting Marble Repair on Your Own Not the Best Option

20150901_080927Some businesses or buildings with marble lobbies, floors, or other marble features think that repairing damaged marble is within the capabilities of their facilities staff.

Usually, this simply results in a small repair turning into a major problem. Marble is a temperamental material that can be difficult to work with. Unless your building’s facilities staff is experienced in working with marble, it’s usually best to call in the professionals.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Marble Is Expensive

Part of the problem is the high cost of marble. If a chipped, cracked or stained piece of marble in your building is not prepared properly, it can make the problem much, much worse.

If your building staff damages the marble even further through inexperience, the entire slab of marble may have to be replaced. And if it’s a piece of marble that was installed years or even decades ago, finding a piece that matches may be both costly and time-consuming.

Marble Repair Manhattan — Marble Can Be Tricky

Working with marble can also be challenging for the inexperienced. Even the slightest mistake can lead to cracking, chipping, or worsening of stains and other common marble problems.

Inexperienced facilities can easily turn a simple repair into a major ordeal. That’s why it’s usually smarter, faster, and cheaper, in the long run, to bring in the marble professionals from Love Marble.

Marble Repair Manhattan — The Love Marble Difference

At Love Marble, we are experienced at working with every type of marble in Manhattan. Most likely, we have made the repair you need hundreds of times already in other buildings. We may have even worked with your marble in the past.

So the next time you need to repair marble floors, walls, or other areas in your building, don’t take shortcuts that could lead to bigger issues. Let Love Marble make the repairs you need quickly and effectively.



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