Maintaining Marble a Cost-Effective Accounting Strategy

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In the long run, it’s generally more cost-effective to care for your marble surfaces than replace them. Maintenance expenses can be allocated over a long period of time and built into your business budget. But replacement costs are a capital expense that can cause a big hit to the bottom line.

Marble is one of the costliest building materials. Depending on the size and scope of its use, new marble purchase and installation can represent a considerable expense in a capital budget. But this high expense is balanced by the luxury marble offers as well as its durability and long life expectancy.

Marble Lifetime

Properly maintained, marble surfaces like floors, columns, countertops, and wall coverings can realistically last many decades. There are even some marble surfaces in high-traffic public areas like train stations and bank lobbies that originally were installed more than a century ago and still look practically brand new.

The operative phrase is “properly maintained”. To maintain its appeal, marble requires care, cleaning, and the occasional repair. Without regular maintenance, marble can quickly break down and deteriorate. And the expense you absorbed can be lost before it is fully depreciated. Add to that the cost of replacing improperly maintained marble, and the cost is even higher.

A Better Plan

Creating and meeting a regular marble maintenance schedule is the best way to protect your investment. Think of it as an insurance policy for your marble. By paying a little over time, you can save a lot over the course of your marble surface’s lifetime.

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