Maintaining Marble on Your Own Is Risky

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Marble is one of the most durable and attractive home building materials. It adds luxury and value to kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and more. But marble also requires frequent cleaning, care, and maintenance. And one small mistake can ruin it forever.

That’s why it’s not a great idea to try and care for the marble surfaces in your home on your own. The last thing you want is to stain, scratch, or damage the surface of your marble countertops, floors, or decorative pieces because you could cause damage that can’t easily be repaired — if at all.

Dangers Abound

Many homeowners who choose to care for their marble on their own — or leave it up to their housekeepers who are inexperienced at working with marble — understandably go into their supply closet for the most common home cleaning chemicals. Unfortunately, most of these will permanently damage or destroy your marble surfaces.

Bleach, vinegar, ammonia, citrus cleaners, hydrogen peroxide, and other popular cleaning chemicals are too harsh to use on marble and will instantly damage the surface. Brand-name cleaners often will have the same result, leaving you with a stained, smeared, or burned marble surface that is expensive to repair. These common household cleaners can even cause irreparable harm to your marble.

Love Marble

A better plan is to leave your marble maintenance to the professionals at Love Marble. Our experienced, skilled marble craftsmen will keep your marble looking its best so you never have to worry about its losing its luxury or value. A simple mistake while cleaning marble on your own can be very costly. But unfortunately, it’s all too common among homeowners or housekeepers who don’t understand marble’s sensitivity.

When you invest so much in your home by installing marble countertops, floors, wall coverings, or other marble surfaces, it pays to protect your investment. Let Love Marble keep your home’s marble looking luxurious, spectacular, and impressive.

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