Marble in Commercial Buildings Needs Constant Attention

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The difference between residential and commercial buildings is volume. While houses, apartment buildings, and condos can definitely take a beating, it’s nothing compared to commercial structures that host hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors per day.

And if these commercial buildings are also open to the public — like retail stores, government buildings, or train stations — the level of care they require is increased exponentially. Marble is a durable building material — one of the strongest. But even marble will feel the strain of heavy traffic.

Maintaining Marble

Marble gets worn and dirty just like any other material. Just because it literally is made of rock doesn’t mean that it is impermeable to dirt and stains. In fact, because marble is so often used in public spaces, it typically requires a lot more care than other types of surfaces.

Love Marble can help keep your marble flooring, stairs, and other surfaces clean, even, and safe. With regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance, as well as special appointments to repair cracks, chips, and wear patterns, your marble can last for decades — if not longer — even if it is located in some of New York’s busiest public spaces.

Constant Care

Marble is one of those surfaces that needs a lot of attention to look good. But properly maintained, there is no surface material more luxurious or impressive than marble.

The experts at Love Marble have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to keep your marble surfaces looking their best no matter how much traffic they support. With just one call, you can be sure to have the top-quality marble care available anywhere in the tri-state area instantly dispatched to your location.

Cleaning, repairing, and maintaining marble requires expertise most custodial staffs lack. That’s where Love Marble can help. Let us take care of your marble so your commercial building can always look impressive.

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