Marble Polishing NYC Is Best Left to the Professionals

New York Manhattan statue de la LibertéOne of the most common mistakes building managers make is to try to save a few dollars by having their in-house maintenance staff polish and maintain their marble floors, walls, and other marble fixtures.

Most of the time, marble is installed in the most public areas of the building, including the lobby, the hallways, and other high-traffic areas. When these buildings were designed, the architect and planners wanted to get the most bang for their buck. So they used high-value materials like marble where they will be seen the most frequently.

The problem is that if your marble is maintained, cleaned, or polished by untrained people who don’t know what they are doing, the greatest number of people are going to see your mistake.

Marble Polishing NYC — Expertise Required

Learning to maintain, clean, and polish marble is not something you can learn out of a book or by watching a YouTube video. It requires years of on-the-job training, experience, and instruction.

Even if your maintenance staff tells you they are experienced with working with high-quality marble, think twice before taking them at their word. Marble is too valuable and too public to leave to chance. One mistake and your reputation — and even your job — could be on the line.

Marble Polishing NYC — The Right Tools and Materials 

Marble polishing also requires specialized tools, most of which aren’t usually in the toolbox of the typical building maintenance department. So even if your in-house commits to maintaining your building’s marble on their own, you may still need to make a significant investment in tools and supplies so they can do the job properly.

A better plan is to leave the job to the professionals. At Love Marble, we have been cleaning, polishing, maintaining, and repairing marble at some of the area’s most prestigious addresses.

Don’t leave your marble to chance. Make the right choice for your building. Call Love Marble today for your free consultation.



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