Marble Refinishing Restores Original Luxury

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There is a lot that can go wrong with marble, especially when it is located in high-use areas like a residential kitchen.

Acidic foods like tomato sauce or red wine can leave stains. Hard and heavy utensils like cast iron pots or steel pans can crack, scratch, or chip surfaces. Hot pots and pans can even scorch marble or leave burn marks. Marble countertops can even be left looking dull or cloudy if you use the wrong kind of cleaner or simply don’t maintain it properly.

Fortunately, these problems don’t have to be permanent. Most marble surfaces can be restored to their original luxurious look through a process known as refinishing.

Refinishing Marble

Marble professionals can remove stains, burns, and even cracks and chips through the use of resin diamond pads. Using specialized equipment, these pads remove the outer surface of the marble — along with the impurities, blemishes, and imperfections caused by damage or wear. Then, the marble is buffed using a special marble polishing paste which results in the kind of shiny finish the countertop had when originally installed.

The entire marble surface is then sealed to protect against future stains. The whole process typically can be done in just a few hours by a qualified professional. It’s not recommended for homeowners to try and do it themselves because it does require special equipment, experience, and training.

Love Marble

The marble professionals at Love Marble specialize in refinishing marble and restoring it to its original luster. While the process can be costly — depending on the size and scope of the job — it’s often worth it because refinishing can extend the life of your marble for years or even decades to come. And it’s a lot more affordable than replacement.

If your marble countertops are cracked, stained, burned, or chipped, don’t worry. Love Marble has refinishing solutions that will leave your marble looking better than brand new.

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