Marble Repair Often a More Affordable Option

20170424 124821 300x169 - Marble Repair Often a More Affordable OptionWhen building owners discover that their marble flooring or other surfaces have reached the end of their usable life, they have a big decision to make. Should they rip it out and replace it with new marble or another luxury building material? Or should they invest in restoring and repairing their marble surfaces to its original splendor?

This type of “repair or replace” decision is something general contractors and building managers make all the time. With marble, however, there are other factors to consider.

Durability of Marble

The first is that marble is one of the most durable building materials ever used. It literally is made from rock. So underneath the surface rock is … more rock.

Even if marble becomes worn, stained, pitted, or grooved due to excessive or prolonged use over decades, it usually can be restored to the way it looked the day it originally was installed. Experienced and knowledgeable marble restoration professionals — like the ones you will find at Love Marble — can lovingly repair and restore your marble flooring, walls, architectural features, and other pieces so that they literally look better than brand new.

Replacement Costs

Another consideration unique to marble is the cost of ripping it out. Building materials like wood planks, linoleum, and even concrete are relatively simple to rip out compared to marble.

Marble flooring was designed to last essentially forever. It’s heavy, rugged, and notoriously hard to remove. So if you do decide to replace it with something else, be prepared for higher than expected demolition costs. In many instances, it’s often more cost-effective to simply restore the marble rather than replace it.

Then there’s the aesthetics to consider. If residents or tenants are accustomed to marble, they may be disappointed if it is replaced with a cheaper, baser building material. Marble is luxurious and attractive. So be prepared for some push-back if you remove it.

Restoring marble is often the best course of action. When you are ready for marble restoration, call the professionals at Love Marble, the New York region’s leading experts on marble repair, restoration, and maintenance.

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