Marble Restoration a Four-Step Process

Love-Marble-Home-parallax-imgMarble floors, columns, countertops, and other surfaces that are worn, cracked, faded, or damaged can be restored so that they look brand new.

Even marble floors that have stood up to heavy foot traffic for decades or longer can be made as good as new if they are properly restored by a professional marble company like Love Marble.

Marble Restoration NJ – A  Four Step Process

While every job is a little bit different, basic marble restoration is a four-step process.

The first step is grinding down the marble surface. This step, also known as lippage removal or flattening, removes all roughness and ledges and makes the surface perfectly flat. It’s also when most scratches and stains are removed.

The second step is honing. This is when industrial diamonds are used to provide a smooth surface to the marble floor, giving the marble a more uniform appearance.

Marble Restoration NJ – Bringing Old Marble to New Life

After honing comes polishing. Smaller, graded industrial diamonds are used to give the marble floor a semi-shining or shining appearance. It’s a deeper polishing than the kind that is done daily or weekly as part of routine maintenance to a marble floor.

Finally, the fourth step is buffing. Also known as crystallization, buffing is what gives marble floors their distinctive mirror-like shine.

Crystallization adds a microscopic film to the surface of the marble to make it more durable. It protects the color and brightness of the marble over time.

Marble Restoration NJ — Trust the Professionals

While a building’s maintenance staff can perform routine cleaning and polishing of marble floors, restoration is best left to the professionals at Love Marble.

We will make your marble floors and other surfaces look brand new, as well as protecting walls, furniture and other areas from damage. At Love Marble, we love marble as much as you do!



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